2019 Southern Vermont Zone CEDS

A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Bennington and Windham Regions

Bennington Region Contact

Jonathan Cooper, BCRC/BCIC


(802) 442-0713 x312

Windham Region Contact

Laura Sibila, BDCC


(802) 257-7731 x217

2019 Zone CEDS Projects:
The 2019 CEDS project submission period is closed. Project rankings will be announced at the 3rd Annual Southern Vermont Econmy Summit.
To register for the summit, visit here. 
2019 Southern Vermont CEDS Documents:

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What You Will Find on This Page:
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2019 Zone CEDS FAQs

What's so important about a CEDS?

A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is federally-approved planning and action tool for strengthening Southern Vermont's economy. It relies on a broad array of participants to set realistic goals and, later on, to deliver measurable results.

Why is "Southern Vermont" the area?

Two reasons: relevance and recognition. First, the challenges and assets found in communities across Bennington and Windham counties are quite similar. Working at the Southern Vermont scale allows communities and organizations to take advantage of lessons learned on both sides of the mountain.

Second, there is significant state and federal support for working at this scale: Vermont's General Assembly created the Southern Vermont Economic Development Zone in 2015, including all of Bennington County, Windham County, and the Town of Weston, and the federal Economic Development Administration provided a substantial grant in 2017 to help create the Southern Vermont CEDS.

In an era of scarce resources, rural areas need to work together! Southern Vermont is a good bit larger than the state of Rhode Island by area, but it has less than 1/10th of the population.

Who is leading the Southern Vermont CEDS process?

Every CEDS has a strategy committee that helps the document take shape. The Southern Vermont CEDS strategy committee includes two regional economic development groups: Bennington County's RED Group, and Windham County's SeVEDS Board. These volunteer groups include community leaders, business leaders, service providers, entrepreneurs, and municipal officials with close ties to the region.

The Strategy Committee directs economic development staff at the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and the Bennington County Regional Commission, who carry out the day-to-day work of logistics and project management. Staff work closely with an experienced consultant team, led by the Brattleboro office of Camoin Associates, to ensure that the resulting Southern Vermont CEDS will help make the region a model for rural economic development.

How do I participate in the Southern Vermont CEDS?

Your perspective is vital! Three sets of public meetings have been scheduled for June, September, and November 2018, seeking public input on Assets and Opportunities (June), Vision and Goals (September), and the draft CEDS Review (November). To facilitate public access, meetings are held in Bellows Falls, Bennington, Brattleboro, Manchester, and Wilmington.

Notes from Public Input Sessions
Bellows Falls
Notes from Sector Focus Groups
Presentations and Documents
Southern Vermont Economic Development Zone Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Public Meetings – Round 1
Southern Vermont Economic Development Zone Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Public Meetings – Round 2
DRAFT 2019 Southern Vermont Zone CEDS Report
DRAFT Economic Base Analysis (Attachment 2)
DRAFT Glossary (Attachment 3)
DRAFT Acknowledgements (Attachment 4)
2014 Windham Region SMART CEDS
Consultant Information

Rachel Selsky

Rachel joined Camoin Associates in 2008 after receiving her Masters in Regional Planning from the University at Albany. In addition, Rachel is certified through the American Planning Association, the National Charette Institute and is working to become a certified economic development professional through the International Economic Development Council. Since starting at Camoin Associates, Rachel has grown into the role of project manager and has become highly skilled at working with clients and partners to listen to their needs and design a scope of work that will result in meeting their community and economic development goals. Rachel’s work has given her the opportunity to lead many of the firm’s larger economic and fiscal impact studies as well as major strategic planning processes throughout the northeast.

Mark Waterhouse

Mark D. Waterhouse, CEcD/FM/HLM has been in the economic development field since 1972. He is President of Garnet Consulting Services, Inc., an economic development consulting firm. Mark is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and The University of Oklahoma’s Economic
Development Institute (OUEDI).
He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree and is a qualified Myers-Briggs counselor. He has served as Chair of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC); Dean of OUEDI; Executive Director of the Northeastern Economic Developers Association (NEDA); and President of the Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS). He is a recipient of IEDC’s Edward deLuca Lifetime Achievement Award and has been similarly honored by NEDA and CEDAS. A Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Mark was Company Commander of a Combat Engineer Company in Vietnam.

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